Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tumpeng Kenduri Part III

Discussions continued and flows. When the congregation was asked about concepts such as whether you want to be lived forwards Kenduri Love? Pensive pilgrims, another one looked at each other. Formulated difficult indeed, but one that would form without the formulation of the power of love is a universal truth that menafasi this forum since the establishment nine years ago.

At formulation in that community, but the reality on the ground to the one in the implementation of any organizational agenda. And to Itupun can not and is not negotiable, need to inclusion fund activities. This is a classic in Kenduri permasalahn Love. So two courtiers feast which triggers the formation of community mbabat base, and Mr. Mas Pram for didaulat Parno memflasback Love Kenduri historical narrative.

Pram img_1098Mas revealed, KC constraints in constraints because constraints are not just a stepping stone to jump higher to reach a dream. KC initial concept could become a vehicle to accommodate the pilgrims anxiety of the marginalized and the marginalized by the pace of modernization is not civilized civilization. KC is the majlis science, where the stupid people who always anxious to grow and proceeds to get better.

KC is a management method of the heart where God's divinity became manager of the congregation. With based on sincerity, a restless man stupid and then through a dynamic process will find the grain of intelligence. Intelligent and growing process, will form a human being broad minded and bercakrawala. So then will be achieved karomah quality, charisma, and even a sixth sense, weruh durunge winarah sak!

Sincere pilgrims weaned from Cak Nun will man transformed into a militant cadres, which the militants behind the one person would stand a thousand untold power. Thus the future will be a productive creative process, to then lead to the true profit called kebarokahan, keridloan of Allah SWT.

Some pilgrims expect KC to the front will continue to exist as a place of joy, discovery of true peace, an oasis of soul thirst release in the middle of barren desert of life. Expected also to be accommodated before the congregation in a creative potential and cell division to better optimize the organization of movement. One thing is certain, KC will continue to move, flow and transformed according to the needs and conditions of its time.


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