Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tumpeng Kenduri Part II

Mas Andre 'shamans' and then provides an overview gathuk mathuknya, the suitability of Muharram this time beginning with the digits 18. Figures 18 is a sequence of Surat Al-Kahf in the Qur'an. In the letter recounted the struggle many Askhabul Kahf, a group of youths who lives in exile for the sake of purity tauhidnya. Sultan Agung Hanyokrokusumo, the third king of Mataram of Islam, Saka era calendar merge and become Arabiyah Hijriyyah calculations in Java. The concept of this merger as well as the top symbol of devotion of a servant at the time was beyond the boundaries of space and time, unity kawulo lan Gusti. This phase of the achievement of God's name to 100.

Consists of eighteen numbers 1 and 8. One means jejeg or unity, while 8 means hard work, strong determination to seek and fight, though not alone anyway patheken. One plus eight numbered 9. Nine is the symbol of glory, the highest rate, the achievement of the sacred ideals. That's true kasejaten.

Dik doank added, 18 in al Asmaul khusna regarding the nature of Al Fatah. Opening Allah. So 18 is the beginning of the struggle, and at every step and work began landasilah with sincerity. Ikhlas fall from above, transeden and spiritual nature. Different from the genuine sincerity. Sincere more horizontal dimension to smooth things out. With sincere real tragedy is the beginning of the opening curtain wisdom. One song that background story dobro guitar worth USD 20 million, tells the wisdom sincerity. Then followed the old songs from Gombloh about the love that shit taste like chocolate.

Discussions continued with Sabdo dalem, descriptions of Habib Al Farray, the Betawi people who deliberately dared appear at times Cak Nun "hiding" from the faithful disciples. Spontaneous character of this one tells of Angel Nurjannah and A'in Mardziyyah. Narrated Allah asks the bidadarinya in heaven, who is among those who feel beautiful?

At first all was silent because they have an average of the same beauty. Each other no less and no more. So when there are two more beautiful angels confess, God says that their beauty later in life will be defeated by the human beauty. Who was the woman who surpasses beauty angel? They are the women who meikhlaskan her husband to marry again. Patience my friend! This is obviously a humorous essay is Al Habib. Do not swallow the raw, let alone direct believed, still needs to be investigated are smart!

Maiyyah warmth and humor coupled with delinquency Lik matonnya stupid signature bamboo guitar accompaniment. Some of the hits off witty, like Arem-arem mlenuk name, Not All Men, Thumb dikenyot ... .. nyot, and Hur Badaur.


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