Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tumpeng Kenduri Part I

Tumpeng Kenduri Love is the silence of the crowd of marchers. So feast at the end of the year and the beginning of the year AD Hijra this time beginning with a small encircled congregation. After all this time waiting for each other, sliding ceremony immediately without waiting for quorumnya congregation. Bang Matar led pilgrims to reflect on themselves, again redefined the format would be like if Kenduri Love in the year ahead.

Bang next Rusdi appointed Membumikan theme, 2010: Genting - Important! Majlis this month is very special because it coincided with the beginning of Hijri. Narrated wanderings of Moses, the leader of the Jews to the land promised. Moses is a figure of a man intelligent, to wit brought jumowo nature, big head. Even Moses face to face and vis-a-vis... challenging for him with God, but just resonate with the vibration frequency of "aura" God she was not able to.

Good God then sent the servant of God who met in a place where the two mainland and two oceans meet at the same time. He is the Khidzir, the Servant of God is meant. Through the spiritual journey, Khidzir unfurl the horizon of scientific knowledge of past, present, and future. Through disclosure pralambang ferry, killing a small boy with a sadistic way, and enforcement of the wall / building that almost collapsed moral messages stored on the concept of unity of space and time.


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