Sunday, August 15, 2010


I just want to share my experiences. When my newborn child until the age of 2 months the eyes belekan continue, according to his DSA is one of the signs that my child has allergies that turned out talent from my family. So did my mom & sister is very allergic to dust and cold air, and I also have sinus (until now has not been cured). So my child beleknya because dirt clogged the eye.

When I was told to massage it gently on the nose section (between right and left eyes) with two fingers every morning and thank God so far no recurrence. For the problem of why / constipation was also part of the allergy. The last time the hard chapters (several weeks ago) DSA asked that her milk returned to the stage one for a month (a nut-pre), there may be content in the nut-pre 2 that does not fit with its digestion. After a month can return mixed between 1 & 2 for onward return to stage 2 (if chapters had completely smooth). So the constipation was caused by digestive system is wrong (and it is obtained because the 'talent').

Even yesterday had feared that if constipation because there are 'candidates haemorrhoid' there is also a factor that talent (from his father and my parents). For milk, DSA was not suggested to replace other brands because my child has problems with his digestion. So until now my children are still given a lacto b mixed in milk, and "only" drinking papaya juice (blended with gelatin on the advice of his DSA). I make the team ate filter should only be mixed with vegetables (spinach & carrots) + fish. While not eat beef / chicken. Praise and Insha Allah he was not troubled CHAPTER anymore. Handling allergic each person is different, maybe you should consult a doctor just to make it more exellent.

About this allergy, I just know if my child is 3 yrs in an allergic dermatitis Etopik verdict by a dermatologist after many years of itching continues, especially in her butt. I think, for ever sat in a dirty toilet seat in a public toilet, usually dialasin pipisnya tissue or told to squat. Then itching to attack, but after nearly two months does not heal us to the dr skin and he said if my child is subject to skin allergies. Incidentally when my child was coughing, we ask for PPD test, X-rays and check-infected blood for fear of tuberculosis.

There is no such indication. But the blood test results showed that my child is allergic. He advocated for the avoidance of certain foods such as eggs, chicken, seafood, peanuts, foods containing coloring until the age of 5 yrs (until his mama upset arrange the menu). Continue to replace the milk must also use soya milk. Finally can Nutrilon soya, little by little the old mixed with milk. Alhamdulillah now it replaces milk.